About us

Irvington Volunteer Fire Department

The Irvington Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1952. Before this time, there was a group of men who were part of a men’s club. This group of men decided to start a volunteer fire department to help the community. This involved many hours of collecting donations and finding people to join. Once they had enough money and volunteers, they started the fire department.

Today we provide fire fighting, extrication, and BLS/ALS services to our community. We are a 100% volunteer non-profit organization serving a population of about 20,000 people. We currently respond to over 600 calls a year. (80% EMS runs, 20% FIRE runs). We strive to keep our membership around 30 people, but are always open to accepting new applications. Irvington VFD currently has an ISO rating of 4/8.

Our apparatus consists of the following: 1 off-road first response fire truck, 1 pumper, 1 tanker, 1 aerial, and 2 ALS ambulances. We also have a command/utility vehicle. We have one fire station and it is located on the northwest edge of Omaha, in Douglas County. It is located about 1 mile north of 90th and Blair High Road.

Our department is part of the Tri-Mutual Aid Association, Nebraska State Volunteer Fire Association and the Nebraska EMS Association. Irvington VFD also works closely with other local fire departments, Douglas County sheriffs, and Immanuel Hospital.

Irvington Volunteer Fire & Rescue has been around for more than 65 years serving the community and we thank you for all of the support.

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2019 Fire Officers

401: Nolan Paulsen (Chief)

402: Kyle Tonnies (1st Asst Chief)

403: OJ Laferriere (2nd Asst Chief)

404: Roger Peek (3rd Asst Chief)

405: Mark Hulbert (Training Officer)

2019 Rescue Officers

406: Tom Townsend (Rescue Captain)

407: Ashley Frolio (1st Rescue Lt.)

408: Brandon Frolio (2nd Rescue Lt.)

409: Sam Hogberg (3rd Rescue Lt.)

Our Current Members

All current members are listed below by name and year they joined the fire department.

Tom Townsend

FF/Paramedic - 1973

Roger Peek

FF/EMT - 1993

OJ Laferriere

FF/EMT - 2002

Ashley Frolio

FF/EMT - 2010

Mason Kroeger

FF/EMT - 2015

Mike Prucha

FF/Paramedic - 1978

Kyle Tonnies

FF/EMT-I - 1993

Jerry Thompson

FF/EMT - 2003

Brandon Frolio

FF/EMT - 2010

Brenton Reier

FF/EMT - 2015

Scott Frolio

FF/EMT - 1984

Brian Townsend

FF/Paramedic - 1995

Matt Lindmier

FF/EMT - 2008

Matthew Tonnies

FF/EMT - 2011

Daniel Sempek

FF/EMT - 2015

Nolan Paulsen

FF/EMT - 1992

Gregg Gilmore

FF/Paramedic - 2000

Mark Hulbert

FF/EMT - 2010

Eric Paulsen

FF/Paramedic - 2012

Jordan Sieborg

FF/EMT - 2016

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